SEP. 19, 2017

A letter from Seed Space founder, Adrienne Outlaw:

Dear Friends,

Now that I’ve been away from Nashville for almost two years I want to touch base with you about what’s been going on with Seed Space!

We have been incredibly grateful for your support over the years and are thrilled to say that what we started has not only survived. It’s thriving! THANK YOU!! Seed Space is now a part of Locate Arts, a young statewide organization that shares our mission of advocating for contemporary art. While we made the statement public in March, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at what we did in hopes that you will understand our process and continue supporting contemporary art in Tennessee.

About a year ago we started talking with Locate Arts founders Brian & Carolyn Jobe about our shared missions and what we thought would be the best way forward in our efforts to promote contemporary art. For several months both of our boards of directors, staff and core advocates met and thoughtfully discussed joining forces. After many energetic talks we unanimously voted to merge!

As part of the merger, Brian & Carolyn Jobe are now the co-directors of Locate Arts and Seed Space. Rachel Bubis, who has been an integral part of the Seed Space since the beginning, continues as its curator.

I am thrilled we were able to this happen, in part because the Jobes truly value and support Seed Space's emphasis on experimentation and open dialogue in contemporary art. After getting to see first hand their commitment to the arts when I participated in some of the early Locate Arts fundraisers and awareness campaigns held across Tennessee and after talking with the Jobes extensively over the past year, I firmly believe they will do a great job supporting contemporary art. I am genuinely impressed with their vision, work ethic and openness to new ideas. As practicing artists with professional backgrounds in administration, education, galleries and museums, Carolyn and Brian have a keen understanding of where we are and where we can go.

As proof, check out the upcoming Insight and Seed Space programming! Highlights include exhibitions by Demetrius Oliver, John Warren, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Kevin Jerome Everson, and events with notable speakers such as Lauren Haynes and Teka Selman.

As Seed Space grows along with Locate Arts, I hope you consider lending your support. The Jobes have started what we long wanted to do -- a membership program -- for which I  hope you consider a thoughtful contribution. All it takes is a monthly recurring donation of ANY amount.

Should you not be in a place that allows a contribution, I hope you reach out to and support of the arts in any way that you can.


Adrienne Outlaw

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